Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In a New World

When you think about customizing something, I bet you think along the lines of Chrysler 300 accessories.

When I think about Customizing I think along the lines of peeing out of my finger. I saw a comedian do an act once, on TV, and one of his routines was all about what if we could pee from our finger. How simple would life be? Of course, finger food and hand shaking would be obsolete, but still, imagine the convenience!

Or what about little wheels implanted in our feet? We would be zipping everywhere. Kids would start off on four wheels and move on to two wheeled feet at, say, the age of ten.

Shopping at the mall? No more tired an achy feet!

Or how about a built in window squeegee for ... well.. no sense advertising ALL of my un-patented ideas!

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