Saturday, November 10, 2007

Choosing a Care Home

Our society is ageing at a rapid pace. Many people are waiting longer to have children, and many elderly are living longer because of advances in medical science. No matter the advances in medical science, we do age, and as we age, we have questions.

But. When the day comes that you cannot care for your aging loved one, how do you properly choose a
care home for them? You love them and want them to be looked after with the same love and care you wish you could provide.

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My dad is very close to that point with my grandmother. Right now it is still safe for her to be home, but soon, she will need daily care, and my father , working a full time job, will not be able to provide the level she will require.

I know that the decision to move grandma to a care home is agonizing my father. He needs to be sure that she will be loved in her new home, like we love her now.

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