Thursday, November 01, 2007

Open mouth; Insert Foot

Other alternative titles could be :

I just lost one of her nine lives
Shocking around the Block

For the past two or three weeks a cat has been visiting us. She/he is all black, floofy and NICE. this is a cat who has known a human's love and basked in it. I have been calling this Cat meow Mix. If you call her, she comes immediately, full of meow talk and purring. She climbs in your lab and starts her milky paws going and oh man, she drooools! Meow Mix has no Collar with tags.

In any case. Meow Mix is sweet lovable cat. Yet, each time we see her, her fur is a little less shiny, a little more matted up. She was immaculate the first time we played with her. Last night when she wandered into the yard we shut her in the garage. I fed and watered her and filled the bottom of a box with litter for her.

Halloween night, even if you live in a small town, is no place for a pure black kitty - especially one who comes when called.

In the morning we released Meow Mix, in hopes that there is an owner somewhere wondering why her cat did not eat the food she had set out.

I went off on a tangent with the Husband last night about how, when you get a pet, you are in charge of its welfare. You cannot let them roam around at will becuase who knows what will happen! How dare these people Do this to that poor little cat?

So that brings us to about eleven O'clock this morning. I took Smokey the Pup out to potty - that means chase leaf! Jump on tree branch! Carry Stick! Bark at leaf! Eat the Leaf!Eat the Leaf! Bark! Where did the leaf go? *cocks head to side* Oh well! Pee!

So in between the carrying the stick and the digging under the steps I looked behind me and almost died. There was my Tigger, happy as you please, sneaking under the neighbors steps. Smokey is straining on her leash in the opposite direction and WILL run far and fast away if I let go and Tigger is romping in the other direction.

I was terrified to move fast for fear she would run and I would never catch her. I was worried Smokey would see Tigger and run for her, scaring Tigger into running off to never to be seen again land and most of all I was absolutely confused as to HOW Tigger had gotten out of the house!

Needless to say, I caught Tigger, and This Saturday I will be purchasing her her own collar and tags, just incase she ever gets out and we do not catch her. With the proper tags, if someone finds her, they will have a way to contact us at least.

Noon came, I went to the back door to feed Tigger. It was standing wide open, I have no idea how or why it was open. Maybe I did not latch it properly during Smokey's Early morning Piddle.

Now I wonder if something like this happened with Meow Mix and her Humans, and I feel bad for the things I said and thought.

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