Friday, November 16, 2007

A few things Awesome

1. Today is November 16th. And there is NO SNOW ON THE GROUND! Sure we have had a few inches here and there, but they have melted for the most part. Its OMG wonderful! I know that the next snowfall is the one that will stay becuase it is too cold now for anything to melt. But still, We are used to minus 30 by this point and it wavers between minus two and minus 15. This rocks!

2. The baby is asleep. Not mine, My brothers! She has been little miss cranky pants since she got here this morning and I got tired of it, laid her on the couch with a blankie and thirty seconds later she was out like a light! Sweeeeet!

3. tomorrow is Saturday. I love weekends. A lot.

4. Hubs will be home soon and I love him more than weekends!

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