Thursday, November 01, 2007

Oh Noes!

Call me slow, I don't care, but this JUST occurred to me.

What one earth do I do to keep Smokey out of the Christmas tree?

Yea, I have been posting up a storm about Christmas savings and Christmas Wish lists, but an image of Smokey trying to climb our tree had not once popped into my head!

We usually put our tree up the first Saturday of December, but this year? Could get risky!

There is no spot in my living room for me to put it where I can block it with a couch and a gate is just not practical. But then, having the dog eat the Christmas gifts isn't practical either!

I refuse to go without a tree. But I think maybe this year we will put it up on the 20th!

You have until then to give me tips on this matter.


Anonymous said...

Do you still have a playpen?
Put the tree in the playpen.
Won't be as aestetically pleasing, but it MIGHT be protected.

I've also seen trees suspended from the ceiling in front of a second-story window (house had cathedral ceiling) - but I think that's too weird...

Maybe some of that spray that anti-dog people use to keep your dog out of their yard? Don't know how it smells, or if it would hurt the carpet, though...

Blueyes said...

We never had issues with the dogs or cats getting into the trees. They'd go sniff it when it was put up and then if we saw them get near it we'd tell them no and then it was like whatever. Now if they had their toys or bones down underneath there wrapped up, that's a whole other story.