Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No mail AND almost run over - great day!

Yesterday our new mailing address was activated. I waited until today to check for mail :o) but


there was no mail.

On the way back to the house we passed the neighbor. He is an elderly gentleman. He was getting into his truck, but paused long enough to say hi to me and the baby. He got into his vehicle and we continued to walk past his house - behind his truck. Maybe fifteen seconds has passed since he had said hello.

The truck starts up, but I am not worried. He said hi, he knows we are behind his vehicle.

Or does he?

The reverse lights came on and the truck started to back up. I let go of the baby's hand and pushed him into our driveway, past the neighbors truck and banged on his tailgate at the same time.

He stopped.

Stuperman was crying on the driveway where I had pushed him. He looked up at me and said "It's slipily! you havfta hold my hand!"

IMO - If you cannot make the connection between watching someone walk behind your vehicle and the fact that if you drive you will hit them, you are too old - or stupid - to drive


Used*to*be*me said...

where I live there is a whole community of elderly people and I DO NOT DRIVE in their space. It is not healthy.

PS: how can I get my other blog on your pay per post blogroll? And can I add you're two blogs to my ppp blog?

PPS: how long did it take to get PU2Blog to approve you? it seems like I applied forever ago.

PPPS: how did you find out ppp changed the rank thing? I didn't see the memo.

carrie said...

Sheesh!!! I hate that...we've got an old guy at the end of our block who will stop and wave you to go across and almost start moving again before you are all the way across...I'm not sure if he's messing with us or if he forgets we are RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!

Bluepaintred said...

Used to be me I sent you an email!

carrie I think, even if my FIL doesn't agree that at a certain age you should have to take your road safety test over again