Friday, November 23, 2007


So... ask me how that no/low carb thing is going. Go ahead I dare you.

No? No takers?

That's OK, it's my blog, I'll tell ya anyway.

It's going bad. Very bad.

You see, the apples in the crisper are slightly mushy. I'm not an apple fan to begin with so having even the slightest mush to them makes them absolutly disgusting to me. And other than fruit, what am I supposed to eat sans carb in the morning?

Toast is out. And so are egs and bacon cus I am damn well not trying to handle an oven that early in the morning. If I can light my microwaveable porridge on fire, then who knows what I would do with an actual stove.


And then? the chimichongas in the freezer? they are sitting there screaming my name. begging for me to put them out of their frozen misery and eat them!

I'm doing really good at the whole no candy and cookie thing, as well, I put a really tiny spoon in the sugar so my coffee is not so sweet.

Next weekend, when we go shopping I will stock up on celery and carrots and crisp apples, see if that helps.

But for now? I refuse to get discouraged and chow down on the mini chocolate bars in the kids' bags.

And the chips I got tonight for the movie were carb free. After I used a permanent marker to cross that line out in the Nutritional Facts, that is.


Angel said...

Cutting out most of the sugar will cut out a lot of carbs, believe it or not. You're on the right track, and you are determined. I know you can do it. :-)

Marilyn said...

I just read an article on the diet blog that said I have to get my emotional eating under control before I can succesfully diet... all very well and good, but it didn't tell me how.

carrie said...

Permanent markers are a carb addicts best friend ;)

Mel said...

Apples have carbs LOL

I have the low carb thing down to a science since I am diabetic. Don't try to completely shut them out. I try to limit my meals to 30-50 carbs and snacks to 1/2 that. Good luck. I miss my BREAD!

Coffee Mom said...

try making hard boiled eggs and leave them in the fridge for a quick snack in the morning

even a bowl of yogurt, even though it has carbs, it's good carbs

and if you really want a slice of toast here or there, it won't hurt you just make sure it is a high fiber bread, go with a multigrain

would you be willing to try a fruit smoothie, although higher in carbs, but the good kind of carbs, very good for you and filling too.