Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dr. Google

I was on the internet last night trying to do some research about my recent loss of taste. I cannot taste anything after the first sip or bite, it becomes a sickly sweet taste instead. I hate it.

During my surfing I cam across some pictures of Bacterial Tonsillitis. So off I went into the bathroom with a flashlight and sure enough i have a white plug of what I assume is bacteria, exactly where Dr.Google said it would be.

I have a sore throat or a cough three weeks out of four, all year long. My tonsils often become inflamed, but I have never seen an actual doctor about it. Where I live you must have 12 diagnosed cases of tonsillitis in a 12 month period to have your tonsils removed, and with three kids? That is WAY too much of a hassle. Not to mention that should I feel ill, make an appointment, by the time I see my doctor, the symptoms would be gone. He has a two to three week wait time to get in to see him.

Don't bitch, He is an excellent doctor and a that makes him worth the wait.


Not a Granny said...

So schedule the appointment ahead of time. You know you have it 3 weeks out of 4, so schedule it now!

Fireflower said...

I hear you. It's hard enough keeping up with one kid's slew of doctors appts and school activities and whathaveyou. Heaven forbid you get sick enough for a doctor, which involves even more child wrangling and scheduling then (sometimes) you're willing to invest into getting an appt. Half the time I get sick and just hide on the couch in a pillow fort playing with the Toddler until I get better. Unless it's a sickness that can be helped by a medication, what's the doctor going to tell me? Rest? Drink fluids? Take some tylenol if I feel like it?