Monday, October 01, 2007

Need Ideas - Quick

OK. here's the deal.

Little Miss Puppy comes home Friday Afternoon. Or Saturday Afternoon. Either way, she joins our household before Sunday. The Seventh. The day I am to take my whole family to my dads. Where 20-30 other people will be.

How can I leave her at home after one or two days?


I want to bring little Miss Puppy to my dads. She can play outside with the boy, Hubs can cuddle her, She can sleep in her crate.

Send good vibes. Either Little Miss Puppy comes with us, Or me and the boys will go for Thanksgiving, and Hubs will stay home with the pup.


Annie Jones said...

If it were me, I'd leave the puppy at home alone, then use that as my excuse to skip out early.

Bluepaintred said...

Annie - my mother in law is coming in after church to walk her and take her potty, and then she is going for dinner. After that she will walk her and take her potty again, and hopefully we will be home shortly after that!