Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Two More Sleeps

  • So far we have had success in not letting the boys know that Little Miss Pup is on her way.
  • In TWO more sleeps!
  • My Husbands aunt, a certified animal lover sent over a huge amount of dog food, puppy treats and a big chew bone thing that isn't a bone
  • We are eating at the in-laws tonight
  • we need them to watch the boys while we run to the city for a few last minute things
  • Rainbow Man is smart, He is going to know something is up when we go out in the middle of the week.
  • so long as we keep him in the dark for two more days, all is good.
  • I'm SO excited.
  • I had a hard time falling asleep last night.
  • We need to buy a collar and leash, some puppy food, cus the stuff we got from Aunty is Adult dog food.
  • Is there a difference? I think there is.. do you know?
  • I'm so ill, I need to take some Tylenol and hit the shower.

  • I accidentally published this on BPR.
  • had to quick quick copy it and delete it from there.
  • my head is ringing.
  • later


Not a Granny said...

Yes, puppy food is better. It has more nutrients for babies! Can't wait for pictures of puppy toesies!!

Bluepaintred said...

glad to know for sure. thanks!

as for pictures? I have a feeling people will be dreaming of smashing m camera before I get tired of taking little Miss Pup's photo!

Anonymous said...

Puppy food is the way to go, and since you are getting a small breed puppy, I would recommend getting the small breed puppy food (it's smaller and easier for them to chew in there tiny little cute mouths), even consider getting wet dog food to mix with the dry, the puppy will be more likely to eat