Thursday, October 04, 2007

What Now?

*rolls up sleeves*

h'OK. We picked the name Sadie for our puppy. The one who is coming TOMORROW? With the provision that if she does not look like a Sadie we can call her something else. However, we have no real secondary back up type name picked out, so chance are ranging in the 99th percentile she will be named Sadie.

To that effect, when we talk about the puppy at home, we call her Sadie. When we talk with the boys about the puppy, it is not where will the puppy sleep, but where will Sadie sleep.

The children, Hubs and I are all pretty darn set on Sadie.

Now. I baby-sit a little girl Monday to Friday and her momma is having another baby in mid April. She does not want to know the sex of the child, but when I told her what we decided to name out Puppy, she got mad.

Apparently I am not allowed to use Sadie becuase She has reserved the rights to the name she has a girl.

What say you interwebs?


Annie Jones said...

I say you should go ahead and name the puppy Sadie. First come, first serve.

Anonymous said...

Are you picking to babysit girls on purpose??? LOL